Cory Thornton (coryandthecabin), Founder of Urban Forestry Initiative

U r b a n    F o r e s t r y    I n i t i a t i v e    F o u n d e r

Cory Thornton

Hey - I'm Cory. Thank you for your interest in my journey with UFI. I’m a hearty midwesterner with a soft spot for one of earth’s most versatile inhabitants; trees. The story of UFI goes a little something like this. I’m a professional framer, by trade. In my line of work there is an obscure amount of waste, including an underappreciated product known as lumber. I’ve always had a hard time seeing so much quality wood go to waste. Don’t others think about how this resource is readily available for us? Not to be overly dramatic, but lives are literally taken. It seemed obvious to me, but what could I do to help others see? coryandthecabin was my immediate response (see below for my adventurous endeavors). This wasn't enough. How could everyone be more thoughtful about this resource? Better, how can we help supplement the need for lumber in our ever-growing world? The answer was right under my nose. You see, my ambitious and far-too-generous father-in-law (lots of hyphens, stay with me here) had set out on an adventure of his own. Woodworking. But not just woodworking. Milling his own wood. Now, I live in Des Moines, Iowa. A hip midwestern city gaining national notoriety for our wonderful people, inflow of young talent and very affordable cost of living. Don't take my word for it, check the accolades​. Des Moines is a capital city populated by many mature trees. Trees that are coming down every day for the development of homes and commercial space. Space needed to accommodate the recent pilgrimage of young professionals and a booming economy. But those trees aren’t being appreciated for the resource they provide, rather, seen as a burden standing in the way of the progress. But... do they have to be? I don't think so. We should honor them. And we should utilize them. After all, trees are a big reason we are here. As we strive to bring more attention to this overlooked resource, we'd encourage you to do your part. Imagine the impact we could have on our earth if stop viewing urban trees as a burden, but rather a gift...

Please consider joining the movement with your next tree removal


Sensibly yours,